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Planning a Construction Site office? Things to consider…

It is vital that employers plan their workspaces correctly, this is especially important for those in charge of construction site offices. Everything from storage through to health and safety needs to be examined, and comprehensive plans and contingencies need to be put in place to maintain productivity. A site’s office needs to be safe and […]

Sole trader sentenced after worker sustains serious injuries in fall from height

May 2021 A Sole trader has been fined after a sub-contractor fell five metres through a sky light onto a concrete floor. The Court heard how a sub-contractor working for the sole trader was renewing the guttering between two building. While fitting a roof panel back into place the sub-contractor fell backwards through a sky […]


A Safety Alert has been issued by Highways England following an incident involving alcohol based hand sanitizer. A gas transport employee used alcohol based hand sanitizer as recommended during the COVID-19 pandemic. The person then touched a metal surface before the liquid evaporated. Due to static electricity, the vapour from the hand sanitizer ignited with […]

Amputation after glove was entangled on rotating drill

An architectural metalwork company has been fined after an employee suffered a serious hand injury on a pedestal drill. In August 2018, an employee, who was an apprentice, suffered an amputation injury to his right-hand middle finger whilst operating a pedestal drill at the company site in Nottingham. His gloved right hand became entangled on […]