Fire Risk Assessments and Consultancy

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Fire Risk Assessments

Construction Safety (CS) Ltd are professional fire risk assessors. All assessors are registered to the Nationally Accredited Fire Risk Assessors Register (NAFRAR), hold membership of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) and certificated to the BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment (SP205) scheme.

As a BAFE registered fire risk assessment provider, and assessors registered to the Nationally Accredited Fire Risk Assessors Register (NAFRAR) our main purpose is to:

Complete your Fire Risk Assessment to ensure the “Responsible Person” meets their obligations under current Fire Safety Legislation and, provide important information/actions to ensure a safe environment is maintained.

Fire Door Assessments

We carry out fire door inspections to ensure every aspect of your fire doors are functioning in accordance with regulations.

In the event of a fire, it is critical that exit and entrance points not only provide a safe means of evacuation but are also engineered to provide an effective barrier against the spread of smoke and fire.

We have an in-depth, fire door inspection checklist in accordance with current regulations, giving you peace of mind that you’re meeting your professional compliance and insurance cover requirements or advising on what works may be required to ensure you are compliant.

We have no association with contractors which will give you the peace of mind that our inspections are totally independent.

Who’s responsible for fire safety?

You’re responsible and known as ‘The Responsible Person’ for fire safety if you’re:
an employer
the owner
the landlord
an occupier or;
anyone else with control of the premises, for example a facilities manager, building manager or managing agent.
If there’s more than one responsible person, you have to work together to meet your responsibilities.


As the responsible person you must:

carry out, or delegate a competent person, to undertake a fire risk assessment of the premises and review it regularly
tell staff/residents about the risks you’ve identified
put in place, and maintain, appropriate fire safety measures, maintenance schedules and testing programmes
plan for an emergency
provide information, fire safety instruction and training to staff
provide information, fire safety instruction to residents

Fire Safe Register

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