COVID Site Guidance Update September 2020

CITB have issued a suite of documents to be used on site to assist with the management and control of COVID 19.

This checklist is designed to be used to ensure compliance with current guidance on protecting your workforce on site during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been approved by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and is aligned to the CLC guidance document on Site operating procedures:

 Any work within two metres should be the subject of a specific risk assessment.

It is of vital importance that all personnel are clearly informed of the site-specific procedures with reference to COVID-19. All existing site procedures should be reviewed in order to ensure that they comply with the guidance on site operating procedures. Personnel briefings should include all areas where changes have been made (for example, travelling to work, access to site, hand washing, risk assessments and method statements). The checklist can be amended with additional comments to ensure it aligns with your own specific site policy.

The Local HSE Offices are implementing frequent visits to sites to ensure that COVID guidance, safe practices and safe work procedures, are in place and monitoring is ongoing.

The suite of forms can be obtained by the following link

These forms and the latest CLC Site operating Procedures V5 should be available on site.